Monday, September 3, 2012

How to drink coffee aboard a flight

Step 1: Order the cabin crew a coffee or a cappuchino.
Step 2: Pay Rs.60
Step 3: Receive hot Nescafe Cappuccino - Ready to drink in a paper cup stirred with hot water by the cabin crew herself.
Step 4: After drinking, give cup to cabin crew while they come to taken things to discard.

Jet Konnect:
Step 1: Order the cabin crew a coffee.
Step 2: Pay Rs.60
Step 3: Receive a (puzzle looking) box bigger than a pack of 52 playing cards.
Step 4: Receive a big paper cup with plenty of hot water (to drink or drown oneself?) and a stirrer.
Step 5: Struggle opening the cellophane tape on the box.
Step 6: Discover three small sachets inside - one everyday whitener costing Rs.1?, one sugar packet costing another Rs.1 perhaps and one nescafe instant coffee power definitely costing Rs.1.
Step 7: Open the sugar packet and pour into cup.
Step 8: Open the dairy whitener and pour into cup.
Step 9: Struggle opening the plastic pack of instant coffee at one end. Try another end. Finally, it opens.Pour into white solution.
Step 10: Stir, stir, stir!!!
Step 11: Drink extra-diluted warm by now coffee.
Step 12: After drinking, pick all the stuff and give back to cabin crew (total of ten items including pieces of sachets [3 sachets and their respective 3 opening bits], stirrer, the box top, box bottom and paper cup)

1. A well known brand of Rs.15 worth superior 3 in 1 cappuccino sachet is being used by Indigo. Jet uses clearly evident Rs.3 worth of material for the same Rs.60 coffee. Premium feel to Indigo. Feel being looted by Jet Konnect.
2. User ordered to drink coffee in flight. Indigo served ready to drink coffee. Jet Konnect asked user to make his/her own coffee (with no real customization options) and then drink it.
3. "Order-Drink-Give cup" procedure of Indigo. "Order-Mmmaaaakkkkkeeeeeee-Drink-pick all pieces and give"  procedure of Jet Konnect.

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