Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Solve this case

Case study:
On a lazy day in office, you dont have much to do and you staring at the Brownian motion of the leaves on the tree you can see through the window of the office building. You wonder what you want to do this weekend. You check the movies online after a 360 degree turn of the head to confirm no one is looking at your non-official work. After some 5 min, you are done finding the theater and the time of the show you want to see and where. Now what?
You start thinking of a weekend vacation and how long it has been since you had been somewhere of some significance. With some memory recollection, you remember how your colleague had talked about the great things of a nearby town - a 3hr ride by bus. Whats wrong with checking out some details? Where is this? Whats there to watch? How to get there and back? Timings of the bus, etc.
Again looking around that no one is looking at you and glancing into the boss's cubicle to confirm that he is not yet in office, you start finding details of your potential next trip.
Twenty min have passed and you have found valuable information on the place. Now, to plan the bus trip. So, you open the popular top of mind site for bus travel,
And you have entered the locations and are about to enter the dates, when suddenly, you hear a faint voice. It is not readily identifyable but slowly you realise that you recognise that voice. It is coming from behind and the loudness of the voice is slowly increasing. This is processed by the brain after your nerve cells communicate with each other by synaptic pulses as the subject is approaching nearer to you. This realisation gets your heart to beat faster of impending situation. You then realise that the voice is that of your dreaded boss who already doesnt like you and will get furious seeing you wasting time instead of doing office work, surfing sites and making travel plans. Your heart is now racing at the speed of Ussain Bolt and you are not sure what to do. Closing the tab on your browser will show the other travel sites that you have open. Closing the browser will show your desktop with no work on it. What do you do? All these scenarios are running through your head in a fraction of a second and you are sure either of two things: A miracle to save the day or to embrace the impending disaster. What do you do?

Answer: you click the link "Boss is watching? Look busy." :D

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