Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Written communication

Today, we had a class of management communication and the topic was written communication. Prof: "You people must have written letters. A lot of love letters. So put up your hands and tell us who over here has written love letters." A few hands go up. Prof to student1:"So, you have written a love letter?" Student1:"Yes, but I did not give it to the girl." Prof to class:"What is the main purpose of writing a love letter?" Student2:"Well, it was to express my feelings to her." Student3:"To Add on to Student 2's point" Backbench students:"Was it the same girl?" Student3:"It was not for expressing feelings but to convince her to accept my proposal." It has been such a long time since I have seen or even heard of love letters. Those were the days, when love letters were written in secrecy and passed on in between books and through common friends and secretly responded back. In today's world it is all about kissing and hugging on the yahoo or skype chat (something my roomie does very often) to express feelings.


  1. Welcome to the world of the 'old ways' Connoisseurs!!!... or may be real loving creatures!!!???

  2. Dude, you missed the quote -

    Student 2: :"Well, it was to express my feelings to her."
    Student 3: To Add on to Student 2's point.....

    Now the question among the last row was, "was it the same girl?"

  3. thanks for your comment, change done!