Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SOP for choosing hostel room

The standard operating procedure for choosing a hostel room are as follows: 1. Avoid rooms near the main corridor, bathrooms & lavatories. 2. Choose rooms at the end of the wing. Though you may have to walk a lot, it will be more peaceful as others wont come so far just to disturb you. 3. Choose rooms which have windows facing north or south. This way there will be no direct sunlight coming into your room. 4. Do not choose a room very near to the water purifier. This may sound illogical, but the main problem is that when there are more people standing in line, they tend to just barge in to see what you are upto and eat away your precious time. 5. Avoid rooms at the ground floor. These are the mostly the oldest rooms and have high chances of water seepage. Insects and rats are closer to you than any other floor. 6. Choose rooms with peaceful neighbours. This way all you people can live peacefully. I hope this will help you choose a good hostel room to stay in.

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