Friday, May 16, 2008

Life aKa Biker

Imagine you being created in this world and given a bike in the world of infinite roads, tunnels, bridges and various places. You learn to ride this bike as early as possible. But then, you don’t know where to go, what to do and the only thing you know is you want to reach a place, a destination where you will find eternal happiness. This my dear, is life. You are born to be a biker. All the time at home in your early years, you learn to ride a bike. Education teaches you about the rules with which you ride your bike more responsibly for the safety of others and yourself. College tells you about the infinite roads and places that exist. Then you start your long journey in search of that elusive, unknown place called destination. You go through some slopes, some difficult terrain, have a few punctures travelling in search of even you don’t know what. You will find similar confused people on the roads you travel and they may tell you that they are taking the a wider more cleaner looking road as it seems important. You either follow them or tell thank you and take another route based on your gut feeling. You will find yourself on bridges looking down on certain people below the bridge asking you how to reach the top of the bridge, and a familiar nostalgic feeling that tingles in your head remembering "I too was there doing the same". In this process of travelling, you will find places where you can upgrade your bike with a better higher capacity engine which will in turn let you travel faster, or even a nitro shock absorber which will give you a smoother ride on rough roads, or a better griping tyres for that tight turn you may have to take when you suddenly see a sign board to a place you want to go through. All these better parts are like the qualifications you may need to get to some places you otherwise will not get to see with the otherwise slow or incapable bike. They of course do not guarantee you anything but you will obviously be at an advantage as you will be able to go to more places and visit them and check whether that place is where you want to be(your destination). As you travel, you will learn to expect certain things noticing certain signs. If you know there is always regular garbage on the sidewalk you can expect to see a dog crossing the road as you are travelling fast on that road. So you will look around more carefully for those dogs and slow down a bit on that stretch. Likewise you may notice people zooming from a side and may learn to be more careful while switching lanes by using the rear-view mirror. You will of course go through some potholes and in all this travelling if you come across the same road you will dodge it successfully. If you observe a little more carefully, you will find the problems others are facing and how they overcome the same. This is by far the best learning because you have learnt from others experiences. As you zoom across a main highway you may see tens of cuttings while there may actually be a lot more which you have missed seeing because you have been travelling so fast or have not bothered to look at it or have been so focussed to going to the end of that road to see what is there, while the truth of the matter is that you may find a nice place at the end of that road or just that the road never ends, but leads you to other roads. It is for you decide where you want to go, which way to take, when to slow down and enjoy the view and the pleasure of riding, take a break, relax, which place to like and consider it as destination. So go ahead and ride well to find your destination and hopefully find it, while I am still searching for the path that leads to the place I know is my destination.

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