Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain riding

There are a few exciting water sports one can engage in beyond the water parks like fun world, Wonder La that are more natural. One of them is riding pretty fast on a wide empty stretch of road when it is raining heavily and there are heavy winds. The feeling is just well, awesome!!!! With the visor of the helmet open, and all the big drops of water coming at an angle and hitting the lower part of the face at a high speed (due to the relative velocity of the bike and the wind), it feels like sharp small objects being thrown at your face at high speeds. Initially this hurts a bit and after some time, your face becomes numb and you can actually enjoy the hits on your face. So the next time it rains, stop cribbing, wear your raincoat, put on your helmet, start your bike, zap the road and enjoy the experience.

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