Monday, November 3, 2014

Big Brands are no better

It is a popular idea that while the small shops and smaller brands are suspect in their wares and methods, the big brands are reliable and honest in their business.
But, truth be said: it is not true.
While some which operate in pharma or food may be selling adulterated stuff without enough quality checks or some goof up once in a while, there are certain sectors which violate the norm in a "business as usual" manner. The particular sector I am referring to here is jewellery. There are a few unique aspects to this business. Firstly, women are highly seduced into buying this making this somewhat impulsive and hence less cautious. Second, it is a social norm to buy enough for occassions (marriage, diwali, danteras, etc.). Third, most customers cant differentiate between the quality of stuff sold. Forget carats of diamonds, even 18/20/22 carat gold cant be differentiated by a layman. To top this, fourth, the metals are sometimes plated (by how much thickness?) and are sometimes embedded with stones (diamonds, rubies, etc.) and it is impossible to measure the weight of it without damaging/destroying the item.
All the above make for excellent toxic environment to cheat the customers even in the best light of the day and get away with it scot-free.
It is because of these reasons that this business is done based on trust and from the below article, this business is mostly run by cheats.
Big Jewellery Brands Cheating
When big well known brands like Mangatrai Jewellers, Sri Krishna Jewellers, Meena Jewellers, TBZ Jewellers and Kalyan Jewellers, RS Brothers Jewellers, South Indian Shopping Mall and Chennai Shopping Mall, it is time to stay away from Jewellers itself as much as possible.

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