Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Innovations in the washrooms

There have always been television ads on italian/porcelain bathroom fixtures usually showcasing the shininess of the products. And print ads containing attractive females to add to the fixture.
How come none of these bathroom fixture makers ever advertises on the benefits of using their products? Like, the commode whose design enables waste to be cleared with the least amount of water usage per flush? Or the tap which is rust proof/drip proof?
Even after all these years, it is difficult to see why innovations in the washroom space have not yet become common in India. Why cant I have a shower that shows me the temperature of the water coming out of it? Which brand do I have to see if I want commodes that heat up the seats during winter? Do I have a commode that does make sound while flushing? Do I have toilets made of anti-bacterial material? How about a special geyser that not just heats water, but also has an option to make steam so that I can have a sauna bath in my bathroom.
Where are the innovations in the bathroom? I demand euphoria in the most private of spaces to start the day off!

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