Monday, February 28, 2011

Marketing ideas

I think I have a couple of marketing ideas for the FMCG segment and for opticians which are yet to hit the market (atleast in India)
Considering the fact that around 70% of Indians eat non-veg, I think non-veg flavoured chips will do great business in India. Think Butter Chicken chips, Prawn chips and various fish flavoured chips. 
Instead of Fish & Chips, one can now have Fish In Chips :D
Considering that foreign markets have non-veg flavoured chips, I wonder what is taking the Indian market so long. I think the time will come soon.

One more idea I have been thinking which is yet to hit the market is spectacles for which the frames /sides can be changed based on the occasion/dress colour. Something of the plug the frame/side and wear type.
Hello marketing people, are you alive?

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  1. well.. titan did copy ur idea of spectacles for which the frames /sides can be changed