Thursday, February 17, 2011

ABS required on Indian bikes

Disk brakes are not useful on bikes unless the bike it is accompanied with ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System). The sudden and powerful use of disc brake to prevent a collision causes the tyre to lock and the reduced traction between the tyre and the surface along with the forward momentum the bike has, causes the bike to skid. If the bike is not brought into control and stabilised in a fraction of a second, the bike loses control and you have gone skidding right into the thing you were trying to avoid skidding into. Else, you have skidded into something else.
When will ABS be available on Indian Bikes?
Next pending innovation in the Indian Bike market!!!

Update April 2011: Honda is launching its CBR250R with CBS(combined braking system) and ABS(anti-lock braking system). CBS controls the ratio of the brake torque applied in the front & the back wheel for best braking without losing control.

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