Friday, March 12, 2010

My Kissing experiments

The more I read and understand, the more I want to KISS. The wiser, more experienced and successful people tend to KISS more. Following their wise footsteps, I have decided to experiment and go K-I-S-S-ing.

Two professors at AIM whom I respect a lot for their knowledge have many a times demonstrated their successful proprietary KISSing techniques. I have been impressed and influenced by Prof.Perez's eyeball technique and Prof.Miranda's pricing technique of KISSing. The eyeball technique is a method of ascertaining interest rates/profits/price of selling,etc for a financial transaction. It involves looking at comparable numbers and arriving at an answer with no Excel modeling whatsoever. 
Prof.Miranda's pricing strategy doesnt even need eyes. He owns a shop selling antiques and his pricing strategy involves adding two zeros at the end of the cost he paid to acquire it in the first place.

I have to admit that these simple yet powerful techniques did make an impression on me. The majority of the marketing people on earth push products without any regard to true customer needs. They forcefully make items with very little or no differences and try to sell it as if it were totally new and most urgently required items by the customers. After a few real needs are addressed, they start fooling themselves and everyone else that anything even slightly new is a different and wanted product(After all, they get paid for their BRILLIANT NEW ideas, isnt it?). 

Going to a supermarket, why else do I see atleast 20 or thirty different face washes /shampoos /conditioners /soaps,etc from as little as just 4 or 5 companies? 

The financial people are no less. They complicate things to get around taxes, rules, use highly subjective words and try finding loopholes to sell their products. (After all, they get paid for selling stuff.)
Why else do I see hundreds of mutual funds with hardly any changes in their objective or style of investing and there has been no consistent winner ever.

Why do lakhs of people go and see some unbelivably bad movies despite hearing many bad reviews of movies. I clearly remember one Shah Rukh Khan movie(cant remember the name) that people bad moouthed from the start after seeing it and still I knew many people who wanted to see it. 
They saw it and they cribbed saying they had wasted their money. Did those morons want to actually pay and see how bad a movie can be?

These things have taken away a lot of my faith in a lot of subjects and even in people and I tend to ask myself "Is this for real or just a hype/forced selling/fashionable today?"

If you have come so far, you would be wondering what a deranged mind I have derailing from KISSing. Well, I have come to the conclusion that I will not get excited and anxious about the various things that will keep happening around me and continue to just keep it simple, stupid!

For some of you, who still haven't figured it out yet: KISS is an abbreviation for "Keep It Simple, Stupid" principle :)

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