Friday, January 15, 2010

Ring a bell?

I watched a couple of uninterrupted hindi songs on late night tv after a year or so. Each song I heard took me to a certain past of my life. One of them sure did remind me of the poolside at AIM where this song was particularly popular and the other one reminded me a friend with whom I am not in touch now.  Well, the memories of the times I lived in is tied to the songs I used to hear or see.


  1. Hi Ajit,

    Even I have songs that strongly reminds me of certain events in my life. One of the songs that I will always remind me of AIM Poolside and basically just AIM is the Kabhi kabhi aditi (dunno if i spelled it right) song. You know, even sometimes, scents remind me of people and places and at times even induces deja vu :)

  2. Yes, your spelling is spot on :)
    The song "pichle saath dino mein" from Rock on remind me of the AIM. The song is usually played a little after the start to get the momentum of the crowd or towards the end of the parties just enjoying the song and people head banging together. :)
    Surely miss those days or rather those nights...