Thursday, March 6, 2014

Giants do their own thing

The giants of the world - USA, China, Russia do what they please. It seems that they are all in a cartel. Whenever they want to attack, block, intimidate, loot, capture, bomb, takeover, harass, overthrow dictorial/ democratically elected governments/leaders, assassinate or buyout, etc. any territory, resources, country or person, government, group or leader etc., they do so without giving a damn of what the others will say/do. How else, can these giants take unilateral action against so many sovereign nations?
USA did it to Iraq, Afganistan, Many south American countries, etc. (the list is long)
China does/did it to Tibet, Taiwan, Spartly islands
Russia is doing it to Crimea region of Ukraine.
There is one big exception though - India.
Its useless politicians/ political parties/ bureaucrats are not able to defend the countries' face against the smallest of neighbours like Maldives and Sri Lanka despite years of relationship. They are not able to provide modernisation of weapons to its army and navy assets and with the likely non-sense that has happened so far, it is very difficult to see India being able to do anything unilaterally even if it wants to.

An interesting way to learn/test history is to do the following match the following puzzle:

Country| Did this                 | To                            | Motivation              | Reason claimed
USA      | Attacked                | Tibet                        | Annexe Territory       | Remove Dictator
China     | Harrase(d)             | Georgia                   | Kill competition         | Give democracy
Russia    | Bombed                | Iran                         | Oil resources              | Remove WMD
India      | Looted                   | Libya                       | Strategic trade route   | Give Independence
NATO   | Overthrew             | Nicaragua                | Other resources          | Destroy Terrorism
UK        | Captured                | Philippines               | Take Revenge
France   | Intimidated           | Bangladesh              | Nullify future threat
              | Occupied               | Dominican Republic  | Show military might
              | Gave Indepedence | Haiti                          | Force trade
              | Forced Exile          | Mali
              | Assassination      | Panama
              | Fought                   | Mexico
              | Intervened militarily| Honduras

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