Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ironic visions of Companies

It is very rare to see companies these days with the kind of vision that is actually required for the betterment of the humans. Say, a vision of a company in the healthcare industry "We intend to understand, find solutions, eradicate the disease and close down by 2030"
The true purpose of a specialised healthcare company would ironically be the successful conquest of the diseases in the area and shut shop when it is done. Any other reason for its existence raises a stink about its real purpose. Unfortunately, today, most companies are only profit oriented and they actually have the ability and the audacity to slow down the solutions to the market giving out incremental solutions despite having a full solution that can save many lives. And what can anyone do about it as long as these are shareholder and employee friendly instead of being society friendly.
The nature of some of these companies should be more on the lines of UN peacekeeping missions where once the task is done, the mission is closed and the people move on to the next role. Sure, companies can even encourage employees to find one stop solutions and reward the employees with life time salaries and shut the shop. The prize of attaining full lifetime salaries for all employees in the next few years may help the employees reveal such solutions to the market. But, the shareholder/management too needs to be of the idea to support the ironic vision.

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