Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post box number for individuals

There are plenty of transferrable people in India with a changing residence often with plenty of reasons (transfers/temporary project/internship/work place and residency/temporary v/s permanent place, etc. with no proper address proof). And this means proving the address at the place required (many times not possible at all - paying guest, rented in spouse's name, staying with parents/brother/sister, office quarters, friend's place, joint accomodation with one friend signing the agreement, etc.) which is not possible and another issue of providing the change of address at all places that would need for sending us correspondence. Possibly for less important correspondence, the post office could offer a service of postal box number. This would be given to all the correspondances and this number would be mapped to a real address. When the person changes address, he has now to inform just the post office of the change of address and the post box number gets mapped to the new address.
The unfortunate part is the only post one usually gets these days are from financial and telecom companies who ask for an address proof in the first place.

This article is very apt:

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