Monday, June 11, 2012

The last mile - A retake

It was sometime last year. And I still can't forget the look on her face. It was around 11am or so in the morning on a slightly hot day in Bangalore. As she came out of the room, she looked lovely in the saree and the various accessories. She was a bit hesitant, scared and anxious; a volatile cocktail of thoughts running in her mind. Though she was walking on her own, there were enough people behind her and kind of looked like she was pressured to walk ahead. She wasn't looking around, she had a heightened sense of things and at the same time a blur of many things. With her heart beating heavily, she tried to keep her composure and walk slowly. She ignored the sounds all around as all of it didn't matter to her any more. I tried making an eye contact with her and looked at her face, but she just saw through me and beyond me. Then she walked past me not acknowledging my presence there. But the face said it all. She was in another world at that moment, clouded with many thoughts and questions. She had 'the look'. She knew 'this was it'. There was no going back now. Maybe life flashed by her during that very moment. And the sounds around increased. She was wearing a maroon saree and sat down and soon afterward, the thali was tied and she was married.
Dedicated to my cousin on her first wedding anniversary on 8th June  :)

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