Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Suicide knot

Ever wondered the misery of a poor fellow who has decided to commit suicide and on the selected day, at the time when he/she is alone in the room, and with the rope in hand, he/she gets frustrated that he/she is unable to tie the knot - the 'Suicide knot'.
Take an unrelated topic: we all have seen the lasso in many a cartoons and a few cowboy movies. It seems simple, but if I ask you to make me a simple lasso, do you know how to make it?
Ok, can you atleast tie a tie?
It may seem that most of us, the vast majority don't know how to do the first two, but may know the third, but in reality it is not so. It is just that you don't know that you know it already.
Here's the secret: If you know how to tie a tie, you know how to tie both the suicide knot and the lasso. Because it is all one and the same.
Lateral thinking...using a solution from one problem to solve another problem.

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