Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stopping drunken driving

Many a people are killed in India and elsewhere annually due to the effects of drunken driving. Apart from the nice "cute" messages and talks given by traffice policemen in schools, I believe the traffic should do more. Firstly, remember that the majority of the drunken driving happens by college going students, the age group of 18 to 22 and beyond. The traffic police departments should team up with doctors and hospitals to make a video presentation and interview of people and relatives involved in accidents. The gruesome photos and videos of accident victims with flesh and bone and writhing in pain should be shown to the students to hit them hard with the effects of drunken driving. They should be so shocked that they will always remember it and  that will force them to not do drunken driving and not co-operate with drunken friends to drive and travel with them and discourage people from drinking and driving. These presentations should be made part of their curriculum and compulsory for all students in colleges.

If a doctor can go into depression seeing a few accident cases in a week, a half hr video session to college students will do wonders to keep their ego and arrogance(the main reasons drunken driving happens) in check.

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