Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Destroy the pyramids

Well, it is time we destroy the pyramids and start constructing apartments/flats. If we are to remove the widening rich-poor divide, the government will have to make some new policies and rules to discourage the people at the bottom of the pyramid to stop growing and simultaneously make them jump to the highest level. So how is it possible?

I have a probable solution. Yes, it is a little radical but here is a solution.
Make it compulsory for the rich to have/raise atleast 3 kids. If the family has one or two biological kids of their own, then they should adopt two or one kid respectively of their choice from the thousands of orphanage kids in the country and the adopted should have the same right as any other kid in the house and should also have the adopting parents' surname and religion. If they already have 3 kids, then they should adopt atleast one more. Such rules will make the following things possible:
1. There is a real chance for the poorest of the poor to come up in life if they are adopted.
2. The caste discrimination between the higher rich castes and the lower poor castes will come down drastically.
3. Parents who have always wanted either a boy or a girl but couldn't conceive one will have their wish come true.
4. The rich will be forced to have their riches divided between more children. So the average wealth of the richest will fall a lot bridging the rich-poor gap.

On the other end of the spectrum, the people at the bottom of the pyramid should be punished in some way for having more than two kids. Their selfishness to have more kids is putting more strain on the society and making the society as a whole poorer and creating excesses following the invisible leg theory

Till now, people are only avoiding to solve the real issues and problems and trying only to solve the symptoms of the problem. How else can people keep giving ideas of how to keep the people going up the pyramid structure while continuing to have the pyramid in the first place? Why not realise that the pyramid structure of society is not the most efficient and worthwhile of structures? I think the apartment structure is better. There is also a fair chance in the apartment structure that the non-performing may come down by a level and someone may have a better chance to go up.

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