Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A not so ordinary dinner

Yesterday, I went out for a dinner with the previous and the present roomates of my dorm to an Indian restaurant in Manila. This dinner was different. The diversity of the people attending changed a few things: 2 Indian vegetarian Hindus, 4 Indian non-vegetarian Hindus, 1 German Christian and an Indonesian Muslim.
So what's so different about a diversified group.
The situation and the intracacies you have to take care of in a dinner.
Vegetarians had to order separately and didnt need help in ordering as they know their country dishes. The Muslim friend was specific about the non-veg and wanted only 'halal' meat. My German friend does not like seafood and when Raita(curd/yogurt) came, we had to ask him if he was lactase tolerent. (Around 10% people in the world are lactase intolerent and can't consume milk and curd).
These conditions were quite too many for a dinner and we the hosts had to be careful not to take arrogant decisions while ordering.
Most importantly, all of us had to stick to talking to English (which some Indians violated a lot and I didn't personally like their rudeness).

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