Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A big difficulty

One of the most missed things being in India compared to Manila when with friends is the absence of a language with which we can speak anything without caring about who hears what we are talking about. We miss talking freely in hindi in Manila with friends - giving the harshest remarks, choosiest of gaalis, scheming or talking bad about someone right at his face while the other fellow smiles without understanding a word of what we are saying.
Ok, jokes aside. We dont always do what I said above, but yes occasionally. The freedom to criticise about a prof., student, politician, politics, sensitive national things like coruption in army, police, nasty jokes could be said freely as the only other people who would understand us is the other Indian students, not at all worried about the general public reacting in any way or offending anyone. That is the real freedom to speech.

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  1. Coool.. we tend to realize things like these in situations...
    - Indian!!! :)