Monday, August 4, 2008

Fear factor

When I booked my train ticket from Chennai to Ahmedabad on 3AC, I had 9 available seats last week and I got one for me. Interestingly, when I travelled in the train, I saw far more than 8 empty seats in 3AC. So it means only one thing - Many of the people have cancelled their tickets. The Reason - Ahmedabad is unsafe after the bomb blasts. Well, I dont think so. You are as safe or unsafe in any other city in India as you are in Ahmedabad barring certain parts of Jammu and Kashmir and naxalite prone areas where the risk level is usually at higher levels. On the day (friday) of the Bangalore blasts, I am sure I would be one of those very few people who had a thought crossing the mind that they had wished that they were in Bangalore on that weekend so that they could catch a movie in theater on that saturday or sunday. Oh! come on. Stop cursing me now.

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  1. ..fear factor?or simply last minute cancellations..