Monday, August 1, 2011

Scrips and their personalities

Each scrip has a unique character/personality to it. It is defined by both its internal strengths, weaknesses & policies and the external perception of these vis-a-vis other scrips.
Each scrip behaves in a way that is particular of its industry, maturity of the company, liquidity of the shares, segmentation based on capitalisation, debt levels of the company, EPS, expected future growth, dividend policy, stock split/bonus shares, volatility of the stock, seasonality of the sector, overall economic/business  cycle, correlation to interest rates, correlation to the historical PE of the industry, correlation to its own historical PE, how the mkt usually treats this stock to each event(excitedly/anxiously with lot of volatility or indifference with hardly any movement), mindshare and brand image it occupies in its investors among many other things.This is something that is not usually taught in the books. Experience in the markets teaches you this. It is important for every short term investor to follow the scrips through the ups and downs and be able to predict how much and how long will the scrip prices rise/fall due to the event, just as one knows and understands a family member's reaction to various life's events. You cannot estimate the right reaction and the depth of the reaction precisely, but you know that the person would be upset or excited to hear it. Since each scrip has a personality of its own, its important to understand them to deal and profit from them.

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